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Insulating solutions in photovoltaic facilities

The International Standard IEC 60364-7-712 describes the recommended requirements for photovoltaic installations, which usually have specific constraints: Operatign power which can be up to 1500V DC; no RCD´s providing electrical protection between PV panels and inverters; maintenance without switching off the power; climatology (rain and humidity, corrosion, UVs, wind, extreme temperatures, etc).

Our solutions have more than 45 years of experience

in outdoor installations under the influence of UV rays.

Earthing not required.


• Cost saving in maintenance.

Material resistant to corrosion.

• Increased durability of the installation.

Insulating material

Prevents curent leakage towards the conducting element:

Risk of indirect contacts is reduced.

• Higher electrical safety.

• Reduced risk of electrical accidents.

Cutting the cable tray does not produce sharp edges or burrs that could damage the conductor's insulation.

• Reducing the risk of electrical insulating failure.

Type of material



Harbour, France

Hypermarket roof, Spain

School, Germany

Shopping centre, Namibia

Shopping centre, France

Cable tying with cable ties


The durability requirements of the plant and the harsh climatic conditions demands the use of cable ties suitable for this type of installation. Unex has different ranges of cable ties available for the tying of cables in photovoltaic installations, with a high resistance to UV rays.

Logistics centre, Germany

Logistics centre, Spain

The values indicated according to IEC 62275 have been tested under the equivalent standard EN 62275. BS EN 62275 is the UK implementation

of EN 62275 and IEC 62275

Insulating solutions in photovoltaic facilities


Unex formulates its own raw materials to obtain improved technical characteristics, adapted to the needs of the most demanding customers.


The quality of Unex solutions is guaranteed by strict compliance with product and application standards, as well as by obtaining the most prestigious Quality Marks (third party certification) and Approvals.


Unex products comply with the RoHS directive.



See technical information by part number at

2.0 tools available on


Unex offers different tools for specification:


• Unex Project for the dimensioning of Unex insulating trunkings.

• BIM-REVIT and 3D-DWG object library for the entire Unex range.

• Configurator to quantify and calculate your needs.

• Mounting video of Unex´ Insulating cable trays on a rooftop.