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Unex product families for outdoor installations

Electrically insulating systems for cable distribution

Insulating cable

ladder 67

For supporting and conducting large-calibre cables.


Only one product for both horizontal and vertical installations.

Insulating cable tray 66

For supporting, protecting and conducting cables in all type of installations. Available with perforated or non perforated base.

Insulating trunking 73

For protecting and conducting cables. Profile with flexible partitioning and pre-assembled junctions for easy mounting.

Unex advantages and benefits

Insulating material offering maximum electrical safety: protection against indirect contacts.

No earthing is required nor equipotential bonding is needed.

Robust and durable systems offering increased rigidity and mounting security.

With finishing elements that simplify and improve the finishes of the installation.

Maintenance-free: reduces installation time and costs.

Excellent resistance to corrosion caused by direct exposure to humid, saline or chemically aggressive environments.

Suitable for outdoor use. Excellent performance even under the most demanding weather conditions like temperature changes, solar radiation, etc.

High mechanical and impact resistance.

Designed to work at full load: simpler calculation process in the design of the cable tray, execution and control of the installation. Load resistance in future extensions of the installation.

System for tying and fixing cables and tubes

Cable ties 22-0

For all types of applications both outdoors and indoors.

Cable ties 22 HD (Heavy duty)

For special applications, where a high resistance to the UVs and to chemicals is required.

Unex advantages and benefits

Reliability: more than 45 years of experience in all type of installations

Good mechanical resistance and high tensile strength

Easy mounting and smooth threading

For outdoors use due to their high resistance to the UVs

Own raw material formulation: improved technical characteristics

Cable cleats

To fix cables to the crossbars of the Cable ladder 67, to the Strut channel 60 and to the Rooftop support 60.

Unex advantages and benefits

Manufactured in insulating, halogen free material

Compatible with Unex Cable ladder 67 and with Unex Strut channel

Fast mounting, without screws

Ease and flexibility of installation: no space planning and additional site work are required