Skirting board duct 80 in


2 m



RAL 9006

For distribution of power and data services and mounting of outlets through skirting boards in housing and buildings

• Allows you to lay out all services in housing and public buildings by taking the place of a conventional skirting board.

• Compact and plain trunking, with adjusted sizes, to perfectly merge into the surroundings.

Can be painted.

Raw material

Materia prima propia U23X Skirting board duct



Materia prima propia U24X Fittings and adapters

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

* BS EN 50085-2-1 is the UK implementation of EN 50085-2-1.

Quality marks


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Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

* BS EN 50085-2-1 is the UK implementation of EN 50085-2-1.

Skirting board duct 80: a smart alternative to conventional skirting boards

The skirting board duct optimises the space dedicated to conventional decorative skirting boards by accommodating cables and feeding switches and sockets from the different spaces in the building, commercial premises, hotels, and small offices.


Residential building

The installation of the Skirting board duct 80 is surface-mounted, it is not an additional constructive element. Also, it simplifies the execution of the installations, allowing the modification and extension of the services according to the user’s needs.


Office building

Integration in the environment

The Skirting board duct 80 achieves homogeneous finishings, with no visible junction lines between base and cover. It can be combined with any type of floor.

Useful cross-sections (mm2)

The Skirting board duct 80 allows you a simultaneous lay out of all necessary wiring.

Recommended capacity

Twisted pairs

Coefficient = 1.82

Coaxial cable

Coefficient = 2

To comply with the regulations, no power cables are to be installed in the lower compartment, thus ensuring safety distance from the floor, 1.5 cm.

Mounting profile and fittings

Floor-standing mounting due to the design of the profile, the covers and finishing elements.

Protection of the junction between wall and floor.

Complete system of fittings providing electrical safety (IP4X degree) and attractive finishings.

Available in white RAL 9010 and aluminium colour RAL 9006.

External angle

Internal angle


End cover

Mini trunking branching

Easy mounting

Switches and sockets

Adapters of switches and sockets:

Internal piece:

• Allows easy measuring of the cover.

• Permits cable branching, keeping circuit separation.


Free choice and combination of switches and sockets

Adapters for the most common switches and sockets

Switches and sockets are mounted outside the trunking by means of matching adapters.

Universal CEE-7

Universal CEE-7

Simon* 73 Loft outlet

Simon* 73 Loft outlet

Oteo* outlet

Oteo* outlet

Mosaic* outlet

Simon* 27 outlet

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