Slotted trunking 88 halogen free in


2 m



RAL 7035

For cable conduction in electrical and communications cabinets

• Higher safety for the installation assured by the trunking’s sturdiness.

• The cover is easy to mount and remove.

• The cover will stay in place and will not slip in any mounting position.

• No cutting tips or edges.

• Possibility to cut until the base for better branching.

HL3 - R22

acc./EN 45545-2

Raw material

Materia prima propia U24XTrunking, retainers and cable compactor

Directiva RohS

Technical characteristics

* BS EN 50085-2-3 is the UK implementation of EN 50085-2-3.

Quality marks


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Conformity declaration

CE para la Canal 93

Easy mounting and maintenance

Flexible and resistant fingers,

which do not break accidentally.

Clean cut of the sidewall to the base.

Does not damage the cables insulation.

Maximum branching room and cross-section.

Quicker mounting and easier cable connections.

Rigid cable retainer: avoids deformations and allows circuit classification. Only 6 part numbers for 12 trunking sizes.

Distance between fingers 4 mm: more branching possibilities.

A product with added-value

Burr-free slotted trunking

Smooth design, without burrs or sharp edges: does not damage the user’s hand nor the cables during mounting. The cables insulation is not affected during transportation or in applications submitted to vibrations.


Easy to mount and remove.

In horizontal position, the fingers do not bend and the cover does not fall.

In vertical position, the cover does not slide.

Solid and sturdy trunking

Due to its solidity and sturdiness, the trunking can be suspended between rails. Few fixings required.

Cable compactor

Only one part number for all trunking sizes: the retainer can be cut according to the trunking’s width and can be fixed at any adjustable height.

Possibility to paint

Unex slotted trunkings can be painted with the most common paints.

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